Oldskool @ The Old School

Let's party like it's 1992!

The story behind the "Oldskool @ The Old School" events goes like this: Steve; a friend of ours was offered the job as caretaker of a large disused Victorian boarding school in our home town of Southport. The school had been acquired by a development company, and was earmarked for conversion to apartments, but due to the economic climate and falling property prices; the conversion had been put on the back burner for a considerable time.

Sara's birthday party, the inspiration.

Another friend of ours; Ray, had approached Steve regarding holding a 30th birthday party at the school for his partner Sara. Steve agreed and suggested that I provide the music for the night, to which; I agreed (I had DJ'd there in the 80's, when it was still an active school; to a room full of deaf children! Really!). Knowing just how large the place was; I thought it would be a good idea to invite a dozen or so guests along myself to fill the place up a bit and help with DJ duties for the evening. I took along a pair of decks, a basic sound system, a fog machine and a couple of basic lighting effects. A friend of mine Woody and I DJ'd for hours and the night went really well. Everybody enjoyed themselves and went away raving about the night.


Caz's birthday party.

Several weeks later; it was coming up to my partner's birthday, so I thought; what the hell, let's have another party at the old school! I invited the same bunch of friends, but by this time the bush telegraph had spread the word about this bizarre, but wonderful venue, and consequently; I had a lot more "yes" confirmations.

It was time to bring out the big guns, so this time I took more lighting effects including a laser, bigger speakers, bigger amps and spent some time decorating the place up. This night was amazing, reminiscent of a 90's rave. Everybody went away absolutely satisfied having had a fantastic night out but craving more. What could I do? In the week that followed; I spoke with Steve again, he said that he'd really enjoyed the night himself, so we decided to do a Christmas rave.

Caz's birthday party

The third instalment "Doc's Festive Rave"

We have the technology and the capability to make this night bigger, better, faster, stronger than it was before! More lights, more decorating, more work went in to this night than any previous, and the place was starting to look quite special.

This party was absolutely rammed with people, friends of old and friends made in the last few years through the website.

One of my guests Stu took a phone call on the night from his good friend Craig (DJ Bowa) Dalton, whom was at a loose end and consiquently came to the party, along with his partner Nicky, Martin Stott (DJ Spiller), and a couple of other friends. Craig and Martin played for us, and I felt genuinely honoured, especially when he said he'd like to come to the next one, if and when there was one.

Doc's Festive Rave



We knew before the end of the party that we had to do it again so decided it would be Valentine's day.

It starts to get interesting around here, so this story will be continued when I get some time.


Number 4 "Valentine's night"