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It was the early nineties when I was dragged kicking and screaming by a work colleague to my first rave. Reluctantly; I eventually agreed to go, telling myself that it was only for a few hours, I mean; how bad could it be?

Well, the day arrived, and I have to say I was quite nervous about the prospect of maybe having to sit in the car for six hours waiting for my colleague to exit the club, and to make things worse, this place was located in the middle of Europe’s largest industrial park (Trafford Park , to be precise) on the outskirts of Manchester.

I needn’t have worried, it was obvious on arrival that I had been brought to not just a nightclub, but a meeting place where everybody seemed to know each other and everybody seemed to be in a good mood. The first thing that took my breath away was the shear size of the place, it was enormous, I mean what other nightclub has 3500 people and full sized funfair rides inside?! The place was like nothing I’d experienced before, no alcohol, no bad attitudes, just smiling faces, amazing music and everybody there for one thing: to have a good time. To say that it was a life changing experience isn’t an exaggeration, and ironically; Life was the name of the event that I’d been dragged to.

For the next eight years, Bowlers (actually, just the name of the venue) became like a second home to me. The impact that Bowlers had on just about everybody that frequented the place was profound, so much so that in 2006 4 years after the club’s closure; a website was created by a pair of former patrons (Stu Peet and Daz Wilde). Within a matter of months over 1000 people had registered with the site, and now, 2 years on that number is over 1600. Daz and Stu have done some sterling work with this site and because of it, as well as finding some friends that I’d lost touch with, I’ve made some good new friends too. Daz and Stu have also arranged several reunion parties, featuring the original Bowlers DJs. These parties have grown and grown in size and now become so successful, that finding a venue big enough to accommodate the crowd at the next one is going to be tough (Bowlers?!). If you used to go to Bowlers then you need to sign up to Back2Bowlers.

I currently DJ on Back2Bowlers internet radio every Friday from 8pm.
To listen to Back2Bowlers radio >click here< (opens in Windows Media Player).

Bowlers photos galore here

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